The day I was reminded of my LOVE for QB Payments…..

The other day, a friend was laughing at me. Ok – so to be honest – this happens often. I tend to get a little excited – often about things accounting/bookkeeping related.

In this instance, I had received an email from one of my favorite clients that I have recently converted to QBO. She had just received her first client payment via QuickBooks Payments (score!). She was concerned. Concerned because it seemed too EASY, too absolutely FANTASTIC. Well, her actual words were more to the tune of, it looks like it did everything for me in QBO – can that be right? Can you take a look to make sure I didn’t mess it up?

A few short seconds later, I was logged into her QBO file reviewing the beautiful entries made automatically for my client by QB Payments. They were exactly where they should be and the client didn’t have to enter a single thing other than to invoice her customer. No need to apply the payment to the invoice, no need to record the deposit – QB Payments gets it done for you.

Huge value to my clients – time savings and bottom line savings! Not to mention, customers love the ability to pay online right from their invoice. Your business looks up to the minute – modern – high tech. Plus – for some of us – it is just plain fun to see how an APP can truly complement QBO and make our lives easier.

If you haven’t checked out QB Payments for your clients or for your own business – what are you waiting for? The small fee for electronic checks is a no-brainer. The credit card fees are highly competitive. You can use one or both methods – as you see fit.

Your heart may not skip a beat, like mine did – but you WILL love the efficiency provided by QB payments. Check it out --

~good stuff shared by Michelle your accounting/bookkeeping/QBO Guru @ Account

#qbo #qbpayments #accounting #smallbusinessapps

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