Ditch traditional bookkeeping - grow your business

How old is your most current financial data? Raise you hand if your last financial report dates back over a month or more in the past. Traditionally, bookkeeping and accounting services have been delivered after the fact. The end of the month, quarter, or year rolls around and you hand over the data to your bookkeeper or accountant. Then you wait another week or month and FINALLY - you see the financial results of your hard work. But, is this relevant to growing your business today? Are you doing the same things today you were doing a month, a quarter, or a year ago? Is the operating climate of your business the same? Historical data is important but fresh, current data is a game changer.

Imagine pulling a quick profit & loss report from your smart phone in the middle of the week versus receiving a report via mail a month or more after the fact. It is possible and it is not out of reach financially for any small business owner.

Next, imagine emailing your bookkeeping or accounting professional without the worry of receiving a bill for every 6 minutes of time.

Imagine a professional that analyzes your business processes and builds a financial ecosystem that frees up your time - enabling your business to move to the next level.

What you are imagining is a bookkeeping/accounting professional embracing technology providing management accounting and advisory services allowing you to focus on your passion - your business.

Ditch the traditional bookkeeper or accountant. You won't go back.

Michelle is a CPA and owner of Account Tally. Account Tally is a cloud based bookkeeping and accounting firm focused on providing exceptional, relevant, timely management accounting services to small and mid-sized service businesses. www.AccountTally.com or guru@accounttally

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